Welcome to my technical ramblings blog. My name is Adrian Scripcă, also known as benishor in online communities. I am located in România and my interests lay in demoscene, programming, game development, web development, electronics and ham radio.

Conway's Game of Life

A code retreat session was announced in iQuest, the company I code for, so I figured I should do my homework before attending.

What would you

Here's one question (a likely result of too much beer): suppose you survive the end of the world and you happen to run into a group of people (survivors) in the middle of a post-apocalyptic world. You naturally express your great desire to join the group (the more the merrier), and when you do you are faced with the following question: what skills do you think you possess that would benefit the group enough to make wasting existing resources on your sorry ass not a bad business? (remember, computers do not exist anymore -- EMP shockwaves )

RDS dns and undernet

Is your provider RDS and you can't seem to connect to Undernet network? Here's why and a way to fix it.

Notepad++ Window Switcher plugin

For quite some time, Notepad++ has become my favourite text editor. I wrote a small plugin to fit it even more with my coding habbits. If you want to switch to a certain window with a shortcut and/or open/switch to the corresponding source/header file for the current document, then this plugin might do what you want.

MPLab stack underflow

Fixing MPLab's error message "stack under flow error occured from instruction at 0x000000"

Socket accept and "Too many open files"

Did ever a socket accept() fail on you with the "Too many open files" error ? I know it happened for me so here's a short article about the things that helped me get rid of the problem.

Mysql JOIN types

Considering the fact I'm not growing any younger and start forgetting things, here's a very short hands on self reminder article about mysql join types.

Apache + Php + Mysql on Windows XP

A quick guide of installing apache web server, php and mysql on windows xp and making them work together. I've written this because I have recently become frustrated when installing a new machine and couldn't get this to work from the first try.

Evil spybot frmpop

I recently had a problem related to a spybot. Whenever I changed graphics mode, I would get to see a popup captioned frmpop running in the background, rapidly changing a list of ad categories. Here's how I got rid of it.

Circle/Box Intersection Revised

This article continues our endeavors in the circle/aabb collision detection world presenting an extremely fast ( if not the fastest ) method to detect them.